Dental Implants: Important Questions

Millions of Americans are now enjoying the benefits of dental implants, like those available from Koch Aeshtetic Dentistry in Birmingham. Implants are state-of-the-art in tooth replacement. But most patients have plenty of questions before commiting to them, and we’ll try to answer the most common ones in this blog post. First: the term “dental implant” […]

Dental Implant Popularity

If you have lost one or more of your natural teeth, dental implants from Koch Aesthetic Dentistry are the next best thing to getting back real ones. That’s because dental implants look and feel like natural teeth. The only one who knows it’s a replacement tooth is you, and they are so lifelike, even you […]

Caring For Your Dental Implant

Dental implants from Koch Aesthetic Dentistry in Birmingham will change your life for the better, whether you’ve replaced one missing tooth or are anchoring a set of dentures. When the procedure is complete, we will have some specific instructions for you about how to care for your new implants. But we’re using this space to […]

High Success Rate: Dental Implants

More than three million Americans have had a dental implant, and the procedure has a remarkable track record, with a success rate surpassing ninety percent. Dental implants are among the specialties we offer at Koch Aesthetic Dentistry in Birmingham. A dental implant is an artificial tooth root. The artificial root is made from titanium and […]

Take A Bite Out of This!

If you replace a missing tooth with a dental implant from Koch Aesthetic Dentistry in Birmingham, you might think that restoring the appearance of your smile is the best thing about it. And a restored smile has a huge impact on your self-esteem. Yet there are plenty of other benefits to having a dental implant. […]

Mainstream: Dental Implants in Birmingham

Dental implants have been around for half a century now. During that time, they have evolved from a seldom-performed procedure to mainstream dentistry. At Koch Aesthetic Dentistry in Birmingham, we provide our patients with implants that give the full functionality of a natural tooth. Nearly a quarter of all American adults will have lost all […]

From Dentures to Dental Implants

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The condition of your teeth significantly impacts your quality of life. Fillings and root canals are costly and inconvenient. If the teeth can’t be saved, tooth extraction brings more physical and psychological pain. Extraction is usually followed by bone recession. While dentures are preferable to having no teeth at all, they come with a host […]

Have You Heard About Permanent Dentures?

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Having trouble with your dentures? Do they move around when you eat or talk? Thanks to permanent dentures and dental implants, you don’t have to spend the rest of your life worrying. Our goal at Koch Aesthetic Dentistry – The Dental Spa is to come up with a tooth replacement plan that fits your unique […]