Implants vs Dentures or Bridges

Dentures Or Implants In Birmingham?

implant dentures Mountain Brook and Vestavia HillsAlabama dental implant dentist Dr. Paul Koch: Dentures vs ImplantsMany people with missing teeth wear partial or conventional dentures, and are unhappy with them. Lower dentures often don’t fit well due to shrinking gum tissue, which causes sores and pain. They restrict speaking and eating, impacting professional and social opportunities. Messy adhesives are inconvenient and problematic.

Implant dentures Birmingham dentistUpper dentures are less bothersome, thanks to the suction along the roof of the mouth which helps keep the dentures in place. However, covering the palate reduces the ability to taste food. Removable dentures may slip or cause embarrassing clicking sounds while speaking and eating. It is costly and inconvenient to replace dentures, which is necessary every 7-15 years.

Implant dentures eliminate many of the disadvantages of traditional dentures. Dental implants are a permanent solution, allowing you to smile, speak and eat with ease.

Dental Tooth Implant vs. Bridge

dental bridge Birmingham and Vestavia HillsBirmingham dental implant dentist Dr. Paul Koch: Tooth Implant vs BridgeFor those missing a single tooth or a group of several teeth, a fixed dental bridge is a common solution. It is often necessary to shave off portions of healthy, neighboring teeth to anchor a dental bridge. The dental bridge might need to be replaced once, twice or more over the course of a lifetime, at additional cost.

Studies indicate that within 5-7 years, there is failure rate of up to 30% in teeth located next to a fixed bridge or a removable partial denture. In addition, bone loss occurs where teeth are missing.

Dental implants do not injure healthy, adjacent teeth. Implants also help to preserve the underlying bone structure by stimulating the tissue and jawbone underneath the gum line and make implant dentures a great option for restoring your smile.

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