Permanent Dentures and Bridges

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permanent dentures Vestavia Hills and Mountain BrookWhen you are missing teeth, the rest of your smile is at risk. You need a full set of teeth to speak properly, chew easily, and feel confident. If you have experienced tooth loss, Koch Aesthetic Dentistry in Birmingham is the home to great tooth replacement options.

Fixed Dental Bridge

A fixed or permanent dental bridge is anchored by dental implants. The implants are placed underneath the gums on either side of a gap where teeth are missing. Abutment, or connector pieces, are placed on top of the implants.

After the dental implants have fused with the jawbone, Dr. Koch can restore the dental implants with the dental bridge. The bridge hooks into the abutment pieces. Your new and improved smile will never shift or slide while you enjoy your daily life.

Denture Implants

Denture implants, or permanent dentures, are stable and full sets of replacement teeth. A few dental implants are strategically placed throughout the mouth to secure the permanent dentures.

Denture implants are:

  • Comfortable to wear
  • More realistic in function and feel than traditional dentures
  • Attractive and natural looking
  • Easy-to-care-for (brush and floss normally)

dental bridge and permanent dentures Birmingham and Mountain BrookWe know you’ll love all of the benefits of our custom-made denture implants and dental bridges! Permanent dentures are the best bet for a long-lasting tooth replacement solution: they are built to last a lifetime!

Our permanent tooth replacement will preserve your health and appearance for years. Whether you choose a fixed dental bridge or denture implants, your jawbone will stay strong. Permanent dentures will prevent your jawbone from collapsing so that you can maintain your youthful and attractive appearance.

These solutions will also allow you to maintain a straight and functional smile. When a tooth is missing, the other tooth may compensate by moving out of place. A dental bridge or denture implants will keep your smile looking great and working properly.

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