Replace Missing Teeth

Tooth Replacement Options In Birmingham

tooth replacement in Birmingham and Vestavia HillsHere at Koch Aesthetic Dentistry, we know that a complete and beautiful smile is important to your happiness. A full smile also protects your future health.

If you are missing teeth due to physical trauma, decay, or disease, we have countless tooth replacement solutions for you. It doesn’t matter if you have one or a dozen missing teeth–we will provide you with a smile that looks and feels perfectly natural.

We pride ourselves on offering all of the latest tooth replacement technology at our Birmingham dentist office. If you are missing teeth, here are some of the services we provide:

Single Tooth Replacement

Just need one tooth replaced? You can choose from dental bridges or dental crowns.

A dental bridge requires two dental implants, one on either side of the gap where there are missing teeth. Attached between the two implants is the pontic, which is the replacement tooth or teeth.

Dental crowns can be a quick restoration over a dental implant. Once Dr. Koch has placed the dental implant, he can cover it with a strong and attractive dental crown.

Multiple Tooth Replacement

replace missing teeth in Birmingham and Mountain BrookSeveral missing teeth? You can fill in your smile with dental crowns, a partial denture, or an implant bridge.

The dental crowns method works the same way that single tooth replacement with a crown does. The dental crowns are placed over each prepared dental implant.

The implant bridge is also the same as with a single tooth replacement. The dental implants are placed on either side of a gap, which is filled by the pontic. For those who are missing teeth in the same area, an implant bridge may be a good choice.

A partial denture consists of many porcelain or plastic teeth that can replace every missing tooth all at once. Each dental implant is placed strategically. Only a few must be placed to anchor your partial denture.

Full-Arch Tooth Replacement

We have great options for patients who need a full-arch replacement. The first is a full denture. When the denture is attached to dental implants, it will never fall or or slide uncomfortably.

We also have the ability to attach a full denture to just four well-placed dental implants. This procedure is comparably non-invasive and promotes rapid healing.

Our long-lasting replacement teeth will make chewing, speaking, and socializing easy again. Call us today at Koch Aesthetic Dentistry in Birmingham to set up your consultation if you are in the area, including Mountain Brook and Vestavia Hills.